Sports injuries

If you engage in any kind of physical exercise – soccer, rugby, volleyball, basketball, running, dance, etc. – regardless of your level, an osteopath can help make sure you do so safely and recover quickly from any injuries.

Consulting an osteopath after an injury or surgery can shorten the time it takes to heal and return to your prior level of performance. An injury in one part of the body can have lasting effects on the body as a whole, leading to a variety of symptoms and impairing your athletic ability. A sports osteopath can not only treat those symptoms, but also help you prevent future injuries.

There are many reasons why you may want to consult an osteopath:

  • muscle sprain
  • muscle spasm or a torn muscle
  • tendinitis
  • sports hernia
  • inflammation
  • recurring pain
  • to improve your performance or as part of training for a competition (such as a marathon or triathlon) or for a sports season

Osteopathy for athletes

Athletes continually strive to enhance their natural physical and mental ability and boost their performance. To avoid injury, they typically follow a regular training schedule that alternates physical effort – where the emphasis is on perfecting their movements – with periods of recuperation. Today most athletes count osteopaths among their front-line medical team, and these osteopaths often serve as important intermediaries between an athlete’s coach and medical staff.

Our sports osteopaths:

  • are trained to treat professional athletes and dancers
  • can help sports players correct their posture or movements
  • work in association with healthcare professionals, trainers and Pilates instructors